FInal testing - toward YoFlash 3.0.0 alpha

Hello All,

as time passes, YoFlash 3.0.0 (alpha) is getting very close to the first release. In fact by the time of writing this article I am just about to go to the final testing and creating of translation files. There has been a lot little changes in the form and structure of the component lately.I wanted to make it as convenient as possible for you to upload and change game information, this is why I introduced some new form sinto teh backend:

First of all: Games are now stored in a maincategory and (sub)categories. This is mostly for SEO purposes. While every game needs to be in a main category, I also implemented a kind of fallback mechanism. Also, have a look at the picture; You choose the categories from a drop-down list and this will automatically fill the main-category list. Nothing can go wrong there :-)


Secondly, the (I call it) Image-Form Element. Images are usually downloaded from the game-servers and saved on your site. However, if you do not whish to upload multiple images, there is a "X"-button next to each image which will tell YoFlash not to upload the image. Also, with the other button, you can change the pimage by uploading one from your computer. Just make sure the dimension are alright.

And last but not least: YoFlash does not (yet) use teh new Tagging-System provided by Joomla, but a very similar one. Tags can now be inserted by typiing and pressing eneter or , on your keyboard with a visual approach to show you the results:


I hope you like the final changes to the download-games form and I hope I can soon provide you with a first version of YoFlash. Final testing is on it's way.




Update 2: A kind of roadmap for yoflash

Hi All,

as yoflash is progressing quite alright at the moment, it is time for another Blog Update. First of all, I have to apologize (as usually) for not getting back to you in the recent month. I was on a lot of trips around europe; but that's another story :-).

So, good news first: The yoflash 3.0.0a is getting into shape and I am currently bug fixing and working on the front-end of the component. I will hopefully soon have an early version for testing ready. If you are interested in testing the NOT stable version on your local machine, please let me know, by either writing into the forums or send me an email. I will let you know by email when there is something to download.

In the recent month, I was expirmenting about better integration of yoflash into Joomla. The new features from the latest Jomla version are very promising and in the future version I will try to integrate yoflash more closely to Joomla. But as I am programming and learning the new details of Joomla 3.3 I often find myself doing things that do not (yet) help the actual release of yoflash. Therefor it is time for a kind of roadmap:

Milestone 1 (Release 3.0.0a) :

  • Get yoflash stable and ready for Joomla 3 (Joomla 2.5 and older will be droppepd) using the same approach as I used for yoflash 0.7
  • Create and update script for the older versions.
  • Get Feedback form the forum users to improve and bugfix yoflash 3.0.0.

Milestone 2 (Release of 3.1.0a):

  • Drop the yoflash-category system and use Joomla's instead, as it is more flexipble and more intuitive to use for Joomla users
  • Drop the yoflash-tagging system. In Joomla 3.3. tags where finally introduced. I had teh chance to play with the new system and I think it is good to use that instead of teh self made.

Milestone 3 (Release fo 3.2.0a):

  • Migrate the yoflash-hosted games to another website (probably to seperate the component from the game hosting. The new page shall be used as a hub for free online games for the RSS and JSON feeds. The idea is to combine different services (FGD, FOG etc.etc) to create ONE UNIFORM and CONSISTENT feed. Obviously this has onyl indirectly todo with the yoflash component.
  • This new webpage will include free flashgames, HTML5 games and (maybe) unity games giving you more power to create awesome games web pages :-)
  • Integrate the combined feed to offer you guys more games from more and different distributors.

A not precise thought on cloud based hosting:

  • The upcoming release of the Joomla Platform may have a library to access a shared drive. It would be cool, if a solution can be found to put games in the cloud (shared drive) and then download / embed it on your joomla website. With this way website owners would be independent from embedding games and their pitfalls (like the close of mochimedia) but wouldn't waste their webspace AND bandwith.

That's it for today. Share your thoughts and ideas in the forum. I am looking forward to a vibrant discussion :-)

  Kind regards


Blog update to the upcoming release of YoFLash 3

Hi everyone,

I know it has been some time since the last release of yoflash and a lot of people (includnig me) considered yoflash as being dead. The change in the Flashgames-market and the very fast changes that Joomla is undergoing lead to the fact that yoFlash needs to adapt to those changes. The closing of mochimedia has damped the development tim working on yoflash quite a lot and certainly one needs to raise the question where this component goes from here.

I spent quite some time thinking about what to do next and you can see a tiny result with the creation of the yoFeed (yoflash flashgames feed). So yoflash has it's own feed, which needs some restauration, but is working in a basic form at the moment. In future I might use the yoFeed to enhance the use of the component.

I have chosen to use an iterative life-cycle development where things are created one at a time and when every important thing is finish I come back to the first pages created and revise those. Otherwise teh yoflash component would never get to a release :-)

Soooo, where is yoFlash development at the moment?

The good news is: A lot of the main functionality is implemented. There are a lot of little things that need to be adjusted which usuall takes a couple of hours, but the main functionality is there. Having said this: I was in contact with the people of flashgamesdistribution as well as and had some discussion about the implementation of their feed. Unfortunately, this hasen't shown the result that I was hoping to have. I therefor need to use some quirks an dtricks to get the games from flashgamesdistribution (which probaly is the major source for flashgames at the moment).

Yoflash 3 will introduce a "One-button" button feature as request by some users allowing to publish a game without going into the edit screen befor. Categories and descriptions as wel as pictures are taken from the feed and are inserted in your database directly. With that you can literatly create a games page within minutes.

Yoflash 3 will feature a new statistics module, which, if activated can show you details about which games / categories etc. run well and which aren't. The hope is to give you guys a kind of analysis tool to visualise what your users are up to, what they like and what they donÄt like.

At the moment I m finalising the upcoming release however, major changes will probably make their way into the component to 1. reduce code and make things more clear by binding the component closer to Joomla's functionality and 2. make it easier and more flexible for the admin/users to use the component.


I will try to keep you guys updated form time to time but I cannot stress enough how limited my spare time is at the moment; please be patient :-)




Image of the Control Panel


 Image of the Yolfash -> Add Games page.

Early image of the statistics page

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