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1. Introduction & Requirements

YoFlash is a games component for the Content Management System (CMS) Joomla™. It is build for people who either want a games section on their web application or who want to have their own games page on the world wide web.

YoFlash started a couple of years ago as an integration of MochiMedia™ (a flashgames distribution page) into Joomla™. In recent years however, the game development as well as new technology innovations lead to a huge change in the way that web-based games work. The Adobe Flash™ technology, even though still used quite often for game development, has become a niche product of the web due to a couple of restrictions, where the (more or less) new HTML5 standard allows to write and play games directly in the browser without the need to proprietary software (like Flash™) working on multiple devices, like classic PCs, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smart phones. While MochiMedia closed its doors in April 2014, YoFlash tries to keep up with these recent changes and works towards a simple yet flexible way to integrate all sort of (web) games from different distributors into a Joomla™ web presence.

The aim is to provide an easy to manage yet flexible way to integrate web-based games into a Joomla website.

Back-end-features • Easy to setup
• Create categories
• Download and publish games with a single click
• Download from our own service and FlashGameDistribution (more to come)
• A component template system for modifications
• Module position support
• Option for detailed game statistics

Front-end features
• Integrated voting system
• Integration with comment system JComments and Disqus (more to come)
• "Keep alive" - Users won't be logged out when their session times out
• Shows recommended games (by using a tagging system)
• Share on Facebook, Twtter etc option
• SEO support
• Language English and German

The minimum requirements to install YoFlash are:
• Joomla 3.1+
• PHP version 5.4 or greater (5.3 is untested)
• PHP CURL support