Yoflash is out since two weeks - time for an update

    Dear all,


    yoflash 3.0 (alpha) has been out for two weeks now and I just released the latest version yoflash 3.0.2 (still alpha) with tons of bigfixes and small improvements. AT this point I would like to thank everyone who took the time to test the component and reported feedback to the forums. This has helped a lot to find and fix bugs that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

    The yoflash coomponent has a lot of bugfixes, but also small improvements. I included some module positions in the default template category and game page, which you can use to put your own modules in there. It is not as easy as it was in Joomla 1.6 to make those modules "look good" and I spend a lot of time adjusting the "advanced options" of a modules. So, make sure to check theese out as well and adjust the module layout to your needs.

    For the category layout, we have the following lmodule positions:

    • yfl_cat_top-top
    • yfl_cat_top-left
    • yfl_cat_top-right
    • yfl_cat_bottom-bottom

    The default game layout features the following module positions:

    • yfl_befor_header
    • yfl_after_header
    • yfl_after_game
    • yfl_after_tabs
    • yfl_after_comments
    • yfl_after_similar

    Theese template positions will not appear in the position-box on a module; you have to write them manually. Adjusting the settings can be tricky, as the YoFlash does not know anything about the module height or width. It will spread over the whole space, if the content of teh module suggest so.


    Also today, I uploaded a few plugins that I haven't yet published.

    In order to have a fully working fgaming site, one obviously needs a search plugin, as well as a sitemap plugin. For the sake of easiness, I build a plugin for XMAP from Vargas. The component is free and I use it a lot to create sitemaps. And last but not least: The comments plugin for jComments has been released. JComments is a free comment component for your Joomla page that integrates into a lot of other components if they provide a plugin. You have to install the jcomments plugin manually. That means: download it and upload it into the directory components/com_jcomments/plugins (or so). (You might have to activate the plugin; I am not quite sure about this at the moment)

    Hope you enjoy the new features and hope to hear from you in the forums.