Happy New Year!

    Hello everyone,

    it has been some while that I posted an update on the development blog. I am trying to do better in this years :-)

    While it seems that it has got quieter around yoFlash in the last couple of months, I can assure you, that it has indeed NOT. Development is taking great steps ahead at the moment. Despite that a lot of bugs (thanks to slepoy and all the other guys on the forum) have been fixed new design questions have come into my mind to make the component more flexible and (most importantly) still easy to use for Joomla Administrators. One of the design questions that needed to  be solved (and I still haven't found a really great solution for this) is to how the yoflash-webpage cooperates into and with the yoflash-component. The feed from the yoflash webpage definately needs to be renewed AND it has been.

    Soon you will find games from YoFlash, Kongreagte and Clay.Io in the yoflash feed. The servers checks every couple of days for new games and includes them into the yoflash feed. The real enhancement is that the yoflash-feed is actually quite flexible in the way that you can create your own feed-queries and save them in your yoflash-component so that you can actually search for the games that you really want (leaving the tons of crap that oyu do not want behind).

    The image above shows games that come from yoflash, kongreagte and clayio.

    For those of you who know clay.io, you probably figured it out already: YoFlash will be able to embed HTML5 games from other sources. It was clear from the beginning, that, in order to stay with the time, yoflash cannot just be able to import FLASH games but also HTML5 games so that users are able to paly it on there tablets and handheld devices. Again, there are a lot of design questions on how to implement that in an easy manner.

    One of the biggest questions that had to be solved (and I still think about it), is as how much should the component handle and how much should my server handle. This is not just a question of design but also a question of money. With a server that handles incoming and outgoing connections as well as managing the feeds of other games webpages, the server needs to run robust. At the time of writing a started a beta-mode test, where I check that the feed handling and the copying of the images (and games) work correctly.

    Talking about robustness (by the way). In the upcoming version of yoflahs you will be able to setup an FTP upload for games. While for smaller pages who just want have a games section on their webpage it seems to be a little bit to much, game portals may use this feature (and I am using it as well) to put games on a CDN (content delivery network). I will write a bigger article about that topic, once the new version is out. The basic idea is that your server still manages text as well as images but the games itself (which cause most of the traffic) are delviered by a cloud-service, like cloudflare. My internal tests showed quite a good success and a good though-put rate keeping my servers traffic low so that it still can handle a lot of connections at the same time.

    And while I am talking baout the yoflash website. I took some time to create the new yoflash website which will go online soon. Despite that it is capable of integrateing the other feeds as described above, I also allow game developers to upload their own work on the yoflash webpgae so that publishers can use it on their webpages.

    There is probably one billion more things I could talk about at the moment (like that the statistics module gets a new look) but I guess this is enough of upcoming changes at the minute. Please feel free to leave comments, questions or ciritics in the forums. I am always more than eager to know what you guys think about yoflash and progression. It means a lot and helps me and you to create a cool component that everyone likes to use :-)

    Take care guys,