The new game feed

    Hello everyone,

    it has been some time (much too long as usual) since I provided you with an update. YoFlash is currenlty undergoing some serious changes for two reasons: 1. the (old) game feed which contained 37 games only, had some problems and was not really usuable. It was complicated and time consuming to add new games and, as you can tell, nobody actually updated new game to the feed. In order to change that, I integrated some automatic features into the gamefeed. The new gamefeed conatins all games from as well as kongregate to start with. When new games from any of them are released, yoflash gamefeed will automatically integrate them into the new gamefeed and therefor onto the admin-interface of your webpage, making it easy for you to pull new games.

    While the start of the gamefeed made fog and kong, I experimented with a lot of other feeds recently, that should be integrated into yoflash, for example spilgame or Peopel who know those publishers know that they are releasing HTML5 games as well.

    This brings me to the second new improvement: Getting yoflash ready to support HTML5 games. Supporting multiple game-types (flash, unity and HTML5) means to rewrite a lot of code in order for teh component to make it easy to import those games as well. Therefor a lot of changes need to happen which changes not only the code but also teh database structure of the component. 

    While I will try to make teh update process as smooth as possible for you guys, I cannot guarantee that it will work smoothly. There will be some changes that only you can do, features that I implemented to make yoflash (teh component) as flexible as possible. I will write an update procedure befor the release of the next yoflash version.

    As usual, I would love to hear from you and looking forward for some comments in the forum.