YoFlash 4 has been released

    Ladys and Gentlemen,

    after a long time of waiting and a long time of programming it is my pleasure to introduce to you the new and improved YoFlash Version 4. Now, befor you go and try it out please make sure that you have at least Joomla 3.4 installed. Yoflash 4 contains a lot of improvements.

    At first and most importantly Yoflash 4 makes use of the new gamefeed from this website. At the time of writing around 1000 games are waiting for you to get published on your website. At the moment I have included games from KONGREGATE (flashgames), FOG (flashgames and unity games) and gamepix (HTML5 games). So, with YoFlash 4 I have finally updated the component towards HTML5-Games (some say the future of online games). Therefore, it actually should be possible to build a Joomla based mobile games page.

    Second: I spent some time to improve the statistic page. I know it is still a bit buggy but much better and more detailled then the old version provided that you have the stats set tp "detail" in the yoflash settings. A game is counted a played after 20 seconds to reduce the impact of spiders, crawlers and search engines.

    Third: YoFlash offers the use of a FTP server. If you want to be super professional, you can upload the games to a different server and/or use a content-delivery-network (CDN). There is a small intorduction in the documentation of the yoflash website.

    The rest should be mostly bugfixes and tons of small improvements.

    As usual, I would highly appreciate it if I could get some feedback from you! Good and bad is more than welcome. Since the feedback has not been overwhelmingly big, I really cannot say if you actually like the component. So, go ahead and drop me a node or post in the forum for any feedback. Thank you!