YoFlash 4 - Feedback, JED and Famobi and some statistics

    Hello All,

    it's been two months since yoflash 4 was released and I thought it is time for a little update :-)

    First of all, I would like to thank everyone who is using yoflash and hope that it suits your needs. While yoflash is in constant development, I am currentlyu focussing on making a second layout which should be responsive. This will be interesting for HTML5 games websites that want to display on mobile and tablet devices as well.

    I put a lot of work and time into making yoflash, which represents the yoflash-website as well as the ocmponent, it seems like the system as a whole is running smooth and steady. Unfortunately, feedback has been incredible low so far, so I simply have to assume that everything is going well. No news are good nes I suppose :-)

    With the release of yoflash 4 I am also proud that this verison has been approved for the Joomla Extension Directory and is to date one of the more popular extensions on the JED. If you have a spare minute I would highly appreciate if you would rate the component on the JED.