YoFlash 5 coming into view

    Dear All,

    yes, it has been some years since I last actively had the time to work on yoflash. I know, that some have been eagerly waiting for an update; so here it is:

    YoFlash is currently under active development again. It has been some time since the last update and the world did not stop turning. While we had a little discussion in the forums about the future of Flash-Games, I am convinced that Adobe Flash is finally dead...Instead HTML5 games are coming into view. And while in the last years, I found HTML5 games quite edgy (to say the least), they have quite made some quility jumps and some of them are actually really good and usable. Therefore I will drop flash support for the upcoming release (you can still keep your old games; but I advise you to delete them...if they are still working, they will soon stop working). Apart form that, the following features will be implemented or deleted in the new version of yoFlash


    • HTML5 games support from various sources (gamepix, poki, goodgame, plinga, famobi and more...) at the moment there are 1160 games in the new gaefeed.
    • Backend: Publish games with one click or use the 'Mass publishing"-function...to publish hundrets of games with one click.
    • Backend: Batch processing - Move all your games (or less) across categories, (un-)publish them, (un-)feature them or add tags in one go.
    • Backend: Yoflash switched to the category-system developed by Joomla, so you have the same look&feel as you are used to
    • Backend: Yoflash uses Joomla's tags system
    • Frontend: Fully responsive game site (if your template supports it).
    • Frontend: Hide games on mobile or desktop devices that don't work on mobile/desktop devices
    • Frontend: FULLSCREEN support for all HTML5 games
    • Frontend: Allow logged-in users to save their favourite games
    • Of course, users can still arte games and write comments (using jcomments, komento or disqus
    • And of course, you still can add own games. However, it won't be super convenient. But I'll find a solution for that

    The following features will be droped:

    • I am dropping the FTP support feature. While it had its very good use, it is not needed anymore in regards of the HTTP2 protocol.
    • There is no "download or embed" option anymore as HTML5 games are always embed.
    • Whit Joomla 3.2 layouts are now supported across templates / components. Therefor there is no need for an own template system. So that will go as well.
    • And you won't need a publisher ID anymore. For the moment I tend to have a file-based system to deliver new games in the feed, mostly to save bandwidth

    As far as I have tested, the component runs smoothly in the backend and also in the frontend, however, there is still of lot of finetuningn to do. Also an updater / installer has not been written yet.

    Which brings me to you: Yes, you! Do you have any ideas about how we could improve the frontend? It is pretty outdated, but it works fine. So please, drop your ideas in the forum; and wel'll figure out together how we can improve the component so that it best suits you. I really rely on your participation here!!!


    I hope to hear from you guys,



    And finally some screenshots of the back- and frontend:

     Backend: My games

    Backend: Batch provcessing:

    Backend: Gamefeed

    Current frontend (not finished):