Yoflash 5 is out

    Ladys and Gentleman,

    it is indeed with pride and pleasure that it finally have the honor to say: Yoflash 5 has been finally released!!!!

    The road has been long and rough; but, as usual, I certainly learned a lot by programing for the CMS Joomla Version 3.6+ and 4. As a lot of you who are reading the blog already know, most parts from Yoflash have been build from the ground up to integrate as best as possible into the Joomla ecosystem. With this release Yoflash says Goodby to flashgames and hello to HTML5 Games. There are currently over 1100 games ready for you to put on your side from different sources. With this change, it is finally possible to make the game-pages responsive making it a good choice for mobile devices. Also, Yoglash finally has a fulscreen feature and users who are logged can have the option to save (favour) their favourite games.


    Also, if you haven't seen it yet, despite the component itself, yoflash.com got a complete overhaul as well with a new, very light design. I hope you guys like it.

    So, whats left for me to say: Give it a go! (And don't forget to let me know in the forums how you ike it. I'd really appreciate that.)