FInal testing - toward YoFlash 3.0.0 alpha

    Hello All,

    as time passes, YoFlash 3.0.0 (alpha) is getting very close to the first release. In fact by the time of writing this article I am just about to go to the final testing and creating of translation files. There has been a lot little changes in the form and structure of the component lately.I wanted to make it as convenient as possible for you to upload and change game information, this is why I introduced some new form sinto teh backend:

    First of all: Games are now stored in a maincategory and (sub)categories. This is mostly for SEO purposes. While every game needs to be in a main category, I also implemented a kind of fallback mechanism. Also, have a look at the picture; You choose the categories from a drop-down list and this will automatically fill the main-category list. Nothing can go wrong there :-)


    Secondly, the (I call it) Image-Form Element. Images are usually downloaded from the game-servers and saved on your site. However, if you do not whish to upload multiple images, there is a "X"-button next to each image which will tell YoFlash not to upload the image. Also, with the other button, you can change the pimage by uploading one from your computer. Just make sure the dimension are alright.

    And last but not least: YoFlash does not (yet) use teh new Tagging-System provided by Joomla, but a very similar one. Tags can now be inserted by typiing and pressing eneter or , on your keyboard with a visual approach to show you the results:


    I hope you like the final changes to the download-games form and I hope I can soon provide you with a first version of YoFlash. Final testing is on it's way.