4. Getting games

    Once everything is setup, it is time to get some games. Click on "Add YoFlash Games" will bring you to the games-list interface. Here you can see all games that we have in our databaseapart from those you already installed. Well, actually the data comes from a file within the yoflash component stored on your server.

    To check if there is a newer version of the games-file available, click on the "Download Feed"-Button. We will update the feed only every now and then. There is no need to press this button more than , let's say, once per week!!! If there is a new file, yoflash will download it and show the contents on this page. Otherwise you will get a waring, like "Nothing todo, you already have the latest version"

    As can be seen on the image, you can change the number of visible entries, order them by date, title, category or publisher. You can also search the titles etc. On the bottom of the table you can choose to only see a certain category or a certain publisher, which comes handy if you want to exclude a publisher for any reason.

    By clicking the "Publish"-button, the game gets copied into your database but lso the folder and images will be copied to your server. The game is published immediately. If you want to make any changes, you will have to go to yoflash->my games and change the entry there.

    To rapidly publish mutiple games, mark the games that you want to publish and click the "Mass Publish"-button. At the moment, you can rapidly publish 100 games at a time. Important: While we try to overwrite your default PHP-timeout, if the timeout is too small or your server is too slow (i.e. at home), timeouts can happen!!! Under this circumstances, you will just see a blank page. Don't wory about that though. Simply reload the page and yoflash will continue to download the images and store the information your database. However, it can be that one image is broken if the timeout happened at a clumsy time!