Category" to show your games page o..." />

    5. Connecting categories to menus


    OK, so, we setup the component, we have categories and games. Now, all we have to do is to create a menu item "Yoflash->Category" to show your games page on your frontend.

    Important: You should always have a "All games" menu item that links to the ROOT of the category system.
    Categories and sub-categories can be created by going to yoflash-> categories, which is actually a feature from Joomla and has not been made by me.

    In order to have the game section appear in your front end. Go to the Menus-Management in the Administrator Panel and create a new Menu Item. As Menu Item Type choose YoFlash and YoFlash Category Layout.

    Once the Menu Type is loaded, click the Options Tab and select the category you want to show on the frontend. Choose the number of games to be displayed per page. This is useful to make the game entries fit to your template.

    Furthermore you can decide what the default ordering should be (like "Most Popular"). You can also hide the ordering-pull-down-menu with Show Ordering. This is useful if you want to create a menu item, like "Most popular games ever"; then you probably want to hide the "Show ordering" and set Default order to "Most Popular"

    Yoflash features three kind of badges in the upper left corner of a game card. Next to "Featured", this is "Popular" and "Newest". You can chose how many games in this category should be displayed with the badge "Popular" or "New". Set theese values to 0 to hide them completely.

    Congratulations. You have just created you very own Games-Section on your Joomla(TM) webpage.