2. Installation

    Before you install the component, you might want to create an account at the yoflash website. Creating an account is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL for the moment, however, we keep playing with the idea of offering a highscore system; then you will need an ID, but this is yet to come. You are more then welcome to participate in the forum and fill this page with live and joy; but for that we ask you to register :-)

    At the time of writing around 1100 games are located at the yoflash website. These games come from different distribution webpages and are all legal to download, install and play on your web presence (as far as we know).

    The installation of the component should be straight forward. Go to your extension menu in the Joomla Administration panel, choose "Upload & Install a Joomla™ Extension". Locate the com_yoflash.zip file on your hard drive and install it. The language files, database tables will be copied for you. Also, a new directory called games will be created in the default images folder. This is where you game images of the games will be saved.

    If this is a new installation, category entries will be automatically created for to make it easier to get you started.

    After the installation finished make sure to visit the SETTINGS (OPTIONS) page and press the SAVE-Button and least once. This will write the default configuration into the database. Otherwise you will get a lot of errors on the frontend. Furthermore, you really want to go to Yoflash->Options->appings and map your categories against the one from the yoflash gamefeed.