3. Configuration

    YoFlash settings have been daramtically changed and simplified. You will find most of the settings in the options-menu and some changes will also need to be made in the menu-settings, when you create menu items for Yoflash.

    YoFlash Component General settings


    • Publisher ID (if you have one). At the moment, you won't need a publisher ID, but that might come back

    • Statistics (Normal or Detail). The normal mode is a simple method that counts how often a game has been played by hits. This information is stored in the games database and does not take any space. The detailled mode is designed for game arcade pages that want in detail statistics about how often a game has been played in a time period (etc). It stores every game play in a separate database table. Bear in mind that this table can get very big and may slow down the webpage. Also, the "Detail"-seeting is currently not completely GDPR compliant; however, that to say: Personal information is stored (IP-Adress) but it is not used to identify any person - and you as admininstrator cannot see this information either.


    Game View

    The settings for a game (or a game view to be more precise) should be pretty much self explained:

    • Show number of similar games: Is the maximum number of games (or game cards) to show under a game when retrieved similar games from the tagging systems. Set it to 0 if you don't want to show similar games. This onyl works once you tagged some games.
    • Enabled rating: Yoflash offers a 5-star rating system. If activated logged-in users can rate your games once per session. If you activate Enable guest to rate, guests can rate too, again, once per session.
    • Enable sharing:  At the moment Yoflash hsa some share-functionality to share a game on facebook, twitter, whatsapp or pinterest (We are working on making this option more flexible).
    • Comments: Yoflash integrates quite nicely into some Joomla Commenting services, like jcomments and komento (download the plugins from the download-page). Also, yoflash offers support for disqus, a famous external commenting service. This requires you to enter a disqus-id which you will get once you register and setup everything on disqus.com
    • Robots: Since the game-view is usually not linked with a menu item, setup the robots for crawlers etc. We recommend to set it on "index, nofollow" so that it won't follow game links to other external pages


    Card View

    The card view paraeters handles the categories and favoured games layout. The setting are pretty simple:

    • Show rating: Enables the small five star ratings on the game card. Obviously this option only makes sence when rating is activated
    • Show No Played: Shows the number of played games (by hits) on the right bottom side of the card.



    The mapping settings are the point where yoflash meets joomla. The left categories are from yoflash (and are fixed) while the right categories are your categories. We encourage you to change this categories to your needs, especially if you have a site in a different language, other than english, then you can change your categories to your needs and map them aganst the yoflash categories

    Important! Please ALWAYS have an "UNCATEGORISED" category! You can name it what you want, but just make sure that there is one.

    Secondly: Since the yoflash categories are automatically mapped from the game-feeds, they ARE NOT VERY ACCURATE. We know that, but cannot change it; it depends on the external game feeds.