Using yoflash 5 module positions

    The yoflash category view and the yoflash game view both feature module positions.

    Unfortuantely, when you create a module (any module) they won't show up in the "positions" drop down of a module. This is due to the fact, that it theese positions do not belong to any template. The basic idea for this implementation is that you can put a text-module there or even display ads (i.e. google ads) on theese position makin git possible to monetarize the yoflash component.

    For the category layout, we have the following module positions:

    • yfl_cat_top-top
    • yfl_cat_top-left
    • yfl_cat_top-right
    • yfl_cat_bottom-bottom

    ...where yfl_cat_top is displayed right under the heading. Yfl_cat_bottom is displayed right under the game-cards.

    Similar to the category view is the game view, which account for all games

    The default game layout features the following module positions:

    • yfl_befor_header
    • yfl_after_header
    • yfl_after_game
    • yfl_after_comments
    • yfl_after_similar

    This makes it possible to inject any module into the yoflash ecosystem and again... to monetarize the component.